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Top 20 Dirtiest Transexual Pornstars

Top 20 Dirtiest Transexual Pornstars

Introducing the Top 20 dirtiest TS Pornstars: A Guide to Exploring the World of Trans Adult Entertainment

TS porn, short for transexual porn, has been gaining increasing attention and popularity in recent years. With the rise of social acceptance and inclusivity, performers in the adult entertainment industry are breaking barriers and pushing boundaries, challenging stereotypes and redefining sensuality, passion, and eroticism.

In this article, we’re excited to present to you the top 20 dirtiest TS pornstars – a selection of stunning and talented individuals who are sure to captivate your attention and arouse your desires. From the taboo to the tantalizing, these performers have no limits when it comes to exploring their sexuality on screen.

That being said, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of exploration and pleasure, then these top 20 dirtiest TS pornstars are sure to fulfill your desires. Each performer on this list brings their unique flair and expertise, from seduction to domination, and everything in between.

So, if you’re curious about the world of TS porn, sit back, relax, and let these performers take you on a journey like never before. Remember, always approach this content with an open mind and respect for the performers and their boundaries. With that in mind, enjoy the ride!

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #20: YULIA MASAKOWA

Yulia Masakowa at Trans Angels

Her golden tresses cascade down her back like molten sunshine, framing her stunning features and captivating anyone who dares to gaze upon her. Yulia Masakowa, the Russian-born beauty, has been wandering the globe for the past few years, living out of her suitcase and embracing every adventure that comes her way. As a seductive tgirl, she has had many incredible experiences, but none have left a mark on her like the electrifying LGBTQ parade in Israel. The vibrant colors, pulsating music, and euphoric atmosphere enchanted her, and she spent the day and night dancing and laughing, basking in the celebration of love and diversity.

As Yulia prepares for her next destination, the New York City LGBTQ parade, she has no intention of settling down anytime soon. She is addicted to the thrill of exploring new destinations, trying new things, and meeting fascinating people. However, amidst all the excitement, she often finds herself dreaming of the next chapter in her life. She envisions herself living in a luxurious California home, snuggled up with her future lady love, relishing the calm and tranquility of a settled life. But for now, she’ll continue her passionate love affair with her passport and the seductive allure of the world, tantalizing all who cross her path with her alluring beauty and free-spirited nature.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #19: BAILEE PARIS

Bailee Paris at Trans Angels
BAILEE PARIS at TransAngels

Bailee Paris, the goddess of temptation and curvaceous beauty, lives each moment with a lust for life, eagerly embracing every sensuous opportunity that comes her way. This captivating and seductive raven-haired enchantress with mesmerizing emerald eyes is a pansexual switch who hungers for both handsome men and stunning women with equal fervor. Her insatiable desires ignite an intense hunger to dominate, using her tantalizing cut cock to ravish women or submitting herself to a rough and exhilarating pounding from a virile and muscular man.

With her unrestrained appetite for pleasure and her uninhibited approach to eroticism, Bailee is a master of seduction, and her erotic playground is filled with an endless stream of irresistible partners who yearn to fulfill her every desire. These lustful partners are eager to explore every inch of her irresistible body, to indulge in limitless erotic adventures that leave them both breathless and fulfilled. As she revels in this hedonistic world of pure sensuality, Bailee basks in the glow of her power, savoring each moment of carnal bliss as she leads her partners on a journey of ultimate pleasure.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #18: BRITTNEY KADE

Brittney Kade at Trans Angels
BRITTNEY KADE at TransAngels

Meet the irresistible Brittney Kade – a petite Sagittarius with a fierce attitude that commands attention. With her captivating green eyes and voluptuous curves, this California bombshell is primed to take the porn world by storm. Her perfectly-shaped, silicone-enhanced breasts and mouth-watering blowjob lips are only a fraction of what makes her an absolute stunner. Brittney is not just a plastic bimbo Barbie; she is a multi-talented artist who is also conquering the music industry with her mesmerizing voice.

Although Brittney often dreams of being dominated, she’s also a passionate lover who loves to be in control, and nothing excites her more than riding her partners in cowgirl position. If you love dominant transsexuals, we highly recommend watching Brittney take the lead and top her lucky boyfriend in Trans-Active 19 (2023). When she’s not seducing her fans with her tgirl dick in steamy webcam shows or flaunting her busty assets in jaw-dropping modeling shoots, she indulges her sweet tooth with delicious treats. If you like to walk on the wild side with something a little taboo, we highly recommend checking out her latest new sexy scenes in My TS Stepsister 8 (2023).

But don’t be fooled by her innocent appearance, Brittney Kade craves hot, wild anal action, and she can’t wait to unleash her insatiable appetite for pleasure in her upcoming scenes. Get ready to be blown away by this blonde goddess’s sensual skills and watch her heat things up on the screen.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #17: MARISSA MINX

Marissa Minx at Trans Angels
MARISSA MINX at TransAngels

If you’re craving some truly irresistible action, let me introduce you to Australia’s stunning Marissa Minx! With luscious blowjob lips and a colossal pair of DDD breasts, this sultry dark-haired beauty from Queensland is one mesmerizing transsexual! What started as a thrilling leap into the modeling world has now become a way for Marissa to showcase her passion for seductive exhibitionism! As a nominee for the coveted title of 2018 Transsexual Performer of the Year, Marissa is steadily climbing the ranks with her scrumptious booty and a rock-hard cock, establishing herself as one of the most sought-after starlets in the world of T-girl porn!

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #16: BIANKA NASCIMENTO

Bianka Nascimento at Trans Angels

Indulge in the seductive allure of Bianka Nascimento – the stunning Brazilian tgirl who has made Dublin her home. With a body built for sin, Bianka’s adorable smile and silk teddy conceal a busty figure that will leave you begging for more. She knows how to turn up the heat, and whether you prefer her on top or bottom, she always brings her A-game to the bedroom. Bianka’s insatiable appetite for pleasure is legendary, and she’s not afraid to explore any erotic desire. From facials to 69, rimming to foot play, there’s nothing that’s off-limits – she’ll even seduce you on the table!

Fluent in six languages, Bianka’s dirty talk will drive you wild. Whether she’s whispering in your ear in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, German or Italian, her talented tongue will leave you breathless. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this international porn star’s sensual talents for yourself. Born on February 19th, 1985, in São Paulo, Brazil, Bianka stands tall at 5′ 11″ with alluring measurements of 36DD-23-47. Get ready to be seduced by one of the dirtiest tgirls in the business – Bianka Nascimento.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #15: CLAIRE TENEBRARUM

Claire Tenebrarum at Trans Angels

As you gaze upon Claire Tenebrarum, it’s impossible to ignore the allure of her captivating short, dark-brown bob, which frames her face in a way that is both alluring and mysterious. But that’s not all – her devilish smirk and black glasses sliding down the bridge of her nose add to her mystique, making her look like a sultry librarian who is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

However, don’t let her innocent appearance fool you – Claire is anything but. This naughty, all-natural babe hails from South Carolina and is a true rebel at heart. She embraces her sexuality both on and off camera, exploring the depths of her desires with reckless abandon.

Whether she’s licking boots or fisting her own asshole, using urine as lube or indulging in bondage, Claire is always up for pushing the boundaries and unleashing her wild side. Her appetite for pleasure is insatiable, and she knows exactly how to satisfy her cravings in the most intense and satisfying ways imaginable.

So, if you’re looking for a steamy and unforgettable experience, look no further than Claire Tenebrarum‘s sensational scenes below.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #14: NIKKI KITTENS

Nikki Kittens at Trans Angels
NIKKI KITTENS at TransAngels

Introducing the captivating Nikki Kittens – a Canadian enchantress who exudes a combination of feline grace and unbridled sensuality. From her mesmerizing blue eyes that hold your gaze captive, to her seductive accent that can make your heart skip a beat, and her petite figure that belies her inner strength, Nikki embodies the essence of a true sex kitten.

As a titillating transwoman, Nikki thrives on exploring the depths of her desires in the bedroom, and nothing excites her more than being dominated by muscular men. She’s an irresistible vixen who knows exactly how to play and seduce, leaving her partners begging for more.

If you’re ready to experience Nikki’s wild side, don’t miss out on the steamy scene below. It’s a tantalizing display of her sensual prowess that will make her purr with pleasure and leave you craving for more. Get ready to lose yourself in the world of Nikki Kittens!

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #13: MONICA CONTI

Monica Conti at Trans Angels
MONICA CONTI at TransAngels

Get ready to succumb to the enchanting and irresistible charms of Monica Conti, the ultimate European seductress who will leave you gasping for breath. With her piercing bright blue eyes, fiery auburn locks, and luscious, plump lips, she’s perfectly suited for mind-blowing, passionate cock-sucking that will take you to new heights of ecstasy.

Whether she’s thrilling audiences by riding hard dicks on set in the States or savoring her favorite espresso at home in Turin, Italy, this goddess exudes an irresistible aura of pure sensuality that will draw you in like a moth to a flame. Her sultry Italian accent and endless, shapely legs are just a few of the many attributes that make her the ultimate embodiment of feminine allure.

It’s no wonder that Monica is rapidly becoming one of the most highly sought-after performers in the adult industry. Her stunning transformation from blonde to a ravishing redheaded bombshell has only served to intensify her allure, leaving men yearning to feel her supple legs wrapped tightly around them while lost in her hypnotic gaze. Don’t fight the magnetic pull of Monica Conti – immerse yourself fully in the experience of her tantalizing essence for yourself. Standing tall at 5’11”, this beauty was born in Turin, Italy.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #12: ALURA TNT JENSON


Alura Jenson’s luscious curves and breathtaking hourglass figure are enough to drive any man wild with desire. With her large, perfectly shaped breasts and a sultry gaze that could make even the strongest of men weak in the knees, Alura is a true goddess of pleasure. Her Amazonian prowess is not to be underestimated, as she will leave you gasping for air with her insatiable sex drive and powerful thrusts on your member.

It was at the age of 34 when Alura realized that she was destined to be a MILF porn star, and since then, she has been making waves in the industry. Her experience as a fitness instructor and nutritionist in the Navy has given her a unique perspective on the importance of health and wellness. As a result, she takes great pride in maintaining her incredible physique through proper diet and exercise.

For those who crave large breasts, Alura’s massive 34G jugs bouncing up and down on a stiff shaft is a sight to behold. The way her body moves with every thrust is enough to make you weak with desire. With her captivating beauty and her ability to take control in the bedroom, Alura is a force to be reckoned with.

Standing tall at 5’8″, Alura’s measurements of 34G-30-42 are nothing short of perfection. Her tantalizing curves and daring attitude make her the ultimate fantasy for anyone looking for an unforgettable sexual experience.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #11: DAISY TAYLOR

Daisy Taylor at Trans Angels
DAISY TAYLOR at TransAngels

Daisy Taylor is a versatile and alluring adult entertainer, captivating audiences as a pornstar, camgirl, model, and podcaster. Her wit and charm are irresistible, leaving you spellbound with just one look, while her clever humor will have you doubled over with laughter. Daisy’s impressive career includes multiple awards, including numerous Fan’s Choice triumphs, proving she’s a true standout in the industry.

But Daisy is more than just a pretty face and perfect physique. She embodies a rare and captivating quality that sets her apart from the rest – the “It Factor.” Her deadpan humor is delivered with such ease that you can’t help but admire her natural charisma. Daisy is not just stunning and intelligent, but also has a fantastic booty that will leave you breathless.

If you’re looking for a moment of pure seduction, take a break and indulge in Daisy’s performances below. She is a sensual goddess that will leave you wanting more.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #10: JADE VENUS

Jade Venus at Trans Angels
JADE VENUS at TransAngels

Oh, be still thy beating heart and feast your eyes upon the ethereal and mesmerizing beauty that is Jade Venus, the majestic Goddess perched atop the mountain peak, ablaze with the intensity of a scorching silver flame. Her luscious and luxurious dark-brown locks cascade down her shoulders, framing her bewitching face with eyes of the deepest and most alluring brown imaginable. And her figure, oh her figure! It is a sight to behold, so curvaceous, so buxom, so tantalizingly tempting that it commands attention from all who lay eyes upon her.

Jade is not just a mere mortal, but a true force to be reckoned with, a commanding beauty unlike any other, who knows exactly what she wants, especially when it comes to men. No man is ever truly out of reach for her, not even her hot and sweaty college wrestling coach. With her insatiable appetite for pleasure, she has claimed him and anyone else she desires, using her unparalleled skills and expertise to leave them breathless and begging for more.

So, if you dare to witness the steamy scenes below, prepare to be entranced, enraptured, and seduced by the one and only Jade Venus, the Goddess of your deepest and darkest desires.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #9: JESSY DUBAI

Jessy Dubai at Trans Angels
JESSY DUBAI at TransAngels

With an insatiable hunger for carnal pleasures and a scorching physique that can set hearts ablaze, Jessy Dubai knew deep in her loins that she was destined for the world of porn. Blessed with endless legs, a bountiful bosom, and a throbbing manhood that never takes a break, this statuesque brunette bid adieu to her dreary fast-food job the moment she turned 18, eager to explore the endless possibilities of her sexuality. And boy, did she make the right choice! For Jessy, there’s nothing more thrilling than wrapping her lips around a stiff shaft or feeling a tight pussy grip her throbbing tool, making her every moan reverberate with delight.

It’s no wonder that this busty beauty from Denver has made waves in the adult industry, claiming the coveted title of Miss Colorado Transsexual in 2013 and 2014 and taking home the Best Hardcore Performer award at the TEA Awards in 2015. But for Jessy, there’s always one more adventure to be had, one more fantasy to fulfill. Her ultimate desire? To be the center of attention in an epic orgy where she’s surrounded by every type of gender and sexual orientation under the sun. We can only hope that Jessy Dubai’s wildest dream comes true, and that she continues to dazzle her fans with her seductive allure and unstoppable lust. Hailing from the sultry shores of Colombia and standing tall at 5’7″, this voluptuous vixen measures an eye-popping 36D-32-38, leaving little doubt that she’s the epitome of a sexual goddess.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #8: CASEY KISSES

Casey Kisses at Trans Angels
CASEY KISSES at TransAngels

Since 2016, Casey Kisses has been seductively stroking her she-meat on camera, captivating audiences with her stunning beauty and exceptional solo skills. Her tantalizing performances quickly earned her the title of TEA’s Stroker of the Year in 2017, solidifying her status as a rising star in the industry.

But Casey was destined for even greater heights, as she seamlessly transitioned from solo performer to hardcore porn star, leaving fans craving for more. Her electrifying chemistry with tgirl Korra Del Rio in a steamy flick was nothing short of explosive, igniting a fire in Casey’s loins that burned brighter than ever before.

As her career skyrocketed, Casey found love in the arms of her gorgeous girlfriend Korra and the two of them now live in Sin City, indulging in their passions and pleasures. With thousands of fans tuning in to watch her every move, Casey’s online presence has only grown stronger, and her nomination for XBIZ’s Trans Performer of the Year in 2018 is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft.

Whether she’s tantalizing viewers with her solo skills or exploring new frontiers in hardcore porn, Casey Kisses is a force to be reckoned with, a true goddess of the industry who knows how to satisfy every desire.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #7: NATALIE MARS

Natalie Mars at Trans Angels
NATALIE MARS at TransAngels

Don’t be deceived by Natalie Mars‘ adorable freckles and luscious dark brown fringe – this tantalizing tgirl is an absolute fury with an unquenchable thirst for sexual pleasure. Whether indulging in soft and sensual encounters, or delving into rough and wild escapades, Natalie’s insatiable appetite for passion knows no bounds. With her smoldering blue eyes and sultry brunette locks, this alluring beauty is a force to be reckoned with in the adult industry, having already secured the prestigious title of Grooby Girl of the Year 2017.

Originally hailing from the Midwest, Natalie made her way to the vibrant city of Las Vegas, where she linked up with her seductive confidante Chanel Santini. These stunning furies can often be found capturing sultry selfies throughout Sin City, when they’re not busy exploring the latest additions to Natalie’s ever-expanding collection of pleasure toys. As a self-proclaimed “giant nerd,” Natalie is unapologetically open about her many fetishes and desires, fueling her irresistible allure. Although, she does confess to being a bit bashful when it comes to dancing in public. If you crave a natural beauty with a kinky side, then you’ll undoubtedly succumb to the spellbinding allure of the delectably naughty Natalie Mars.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #6: CRYSTAL THAYER

Crystal Thayer at Trans Angels

Prepare to be entranced by the intoxicating Crystal Thayer, a strikingly tall and fiery-haired vixen whose insatiable appetite for both gourmet cuisine and carnal pleasures is simply irresistible. With piercing blue eyes that can pierce your soul, she boasts a body sculpted to perfection, a true masterpiece of flesh that’s sure to leave you breathless.

As you bask in her seductive aura, it’s impossible not to be swept away by her sultry thoughts, for she’s a Tgirl who dreams of nothing but being the center of attention for multiple well-endowed men, a vision of pure ecstasy that will ignite your deepest desires. And while she savors every bite of tantalizing tacos, sumptuous Italian dishes, and savory sushi, it’s impossible not to be transfixed by her magnetic presence, one that will leave you longing for more.

But don’t be deceived by her ravenous desires, for Crystal is a versatile pansexual with a voice that will move you to your core. Born and raised in the sun-kissed state of Florida, this 5’10” beauty with 32A measurements is a true feast for the senses. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor every moment of Crystal’s indulgent and delightfully naughty scenes below.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #5: KASEY KEI

Kasey Kei at Trans Angels
KASEY KEI at TransAngels

As you gaze upon Kasey Kei, a mesmerizing beauty from the sultry shores of Florida, USA your eyes will be drawn to her captivating dark hair and sultry, alluring presence. Her enchanting kawaii charm will leave you spellbound as you enter a world of all things anime, where her insatiable passion for everything Japanese reigns supreme.

From the sensuous allure of their traditional costumes to the daringly adventurous nature in the bedroom, Kasey’s love for Japanese culture knows no bounds. But, despite her love for all things Japanese, she could never resist the temptation of a juicy American burger with crispy French fries.

Behold this natural Floridian babe in all her radiant splendor as she unleashes her seductive power in the sizzling scenes below. Kasey Kei is the ultimate anime enthusiast, and her allure is simply irresistible.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #4: IZZY WILDE

Izzy Wilde at Trans Angels
IZZY WILDE at TransAngels

Izzy Wilde, the sultry and mesmerizing brunette, lives by a motto that is as tantalizing as it is seductive – “If your heart isn’t in it, what are you doing it for?” It is this very sentiment that ignited a burning desire within her to explore the thrilling world of adult entertainment. She found herself trapped in a mundane existence, managing a gas station in the frigid, bleak landscape of Michigan. But deep within her, she knew she craved something more – something that would feed her soul and awaken her deepest passions.

And so, like a moth to the flame, the idea of creating art through the lens of porn set her heart racing with excitement! Since embracing her true self and giving in to her most erotic desires, this lithe and alluring TS goddess has been living life on the edge, savoring every moment of it. She delights in the warm caress of the sun on her skin, teasing with alluring glances, and of course, indulging in the pulsating pleasures of big, throbbing cocks. Her insatiable thirst for sensual exploration has propelled her to the forefront of the trans porn industry, where she is one of the most coveted and sought-after starlets around. Her career is on the fast track, fueled by her unquenchable lust for erotic adventure.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #3: ERICA CHERRY

Erica Cherry at Trans Angels
ERICA CHERRY at TransAngels

In 2018, the fiery-haired seductress Erica Cherry was consumed by a hunger for a life more thrilling and erotic – one that would allow her to unleash the deepest recesses of her soul. With a desire to explore her own sexuality, she adorned herself in the most tantalizing lingerie and began performing live on webcam, baring her innermost self for all to see. The mere thought of countless pairs of unknown eyes tracing her every curve, reveling in the sight of her voluptuous silhouette, and admiring her pulsating, throbbing manhood sent her into a state of rapture.

Since then, this enchanting Tgirl from the beguiling city of Los Angeles has amassed a wealth of accolades, including a nomination for Best Trans Camgirl by the coveted Pornhub, and Best Trans Performer by Xbiz. She was also nominated for TEA’s Best New Face 2019 – a testament to her alluring magnetism and unmatched sexual prowess. Allow yourself to be drawn in by the natural beauty of Erica Cherry in the spellbinding scenes below and let yourself be captivated by her flawless measurements of 34A, standing tall at 5″9.

Come, unleased, and worship this goddess.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #2: EVA MAXIM

Eva Maxim at Trans Angels
EVA MAXIM at TransAngels

Eva Maxim is an irresistible siren who radiates sex appeal and leaves a trail of infatuated admirers wherever she goes. Her luscious mane of dark-brown locks frames her sultry smile, drawing you in closer and closer until you’re under her spell. Her bouncing booty is a hypnotic sight to behold, and every move she makes seems to be designed to make your heart race and your body ache with desire.

With a mere flick of her hair, Eva can command your attention and bend you to her will. And what she wants is someone who can appreciate and worship every inch of her flawless curves, especially her exquisite D-cup breasts. But that’s not all—Eva has a secret weapon that will leave you weak in the knees: her thick, 8 inch she-cock.

As a newcomer in the adult industry, Eva is already turning heads and making waves with her insatiable appetite for pleasure and her raw sexual energy. Standing tall at 5’7″ and boasting measurements of 32D-24-33, she’s a vision of perfection and an object of lust for anyone who craves a taste of the forbidden. Get ready to fall under her spell and experience the ultimate in erotic indulgence with Eva Maxim.

Top Dirtiest Transexual Pornstar #1: EMMA ROSE

Emma Rose at Trans Angels
EMMA ROSE at TransAngels

Emma Rose, a stunning fashion model and rising adult starlet, has been nominated for the prestigious Pornhub Awards in 2022. This nomination is based on her impressive ranking, views, subscribers, and name searches on the iconic site. When the 4th Annual Pornhub Awards nominations were announced, Emma was thrilled to see her name among some of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry.

Emma is consistently one of the top trans performers on Pornhub, ranking in the Top 500 pornstars. She has over 8.5 million views and 18k subscribers, and now she’s a nominee for Most Popular Trans Female Performer. The winner will be decided by views, searches, and subscribers, so Emma is urging her loyal fans to continue supporting her.

“Being on Pornhub has helped me reach fans around the globe. I’m so grateful for the nomination and would love to win!” says Emma Rose.

The 4th Annual Pornhub Awards will be held virtually on March 23rd on their site, and it’s free to watch. This ceremony is expected to break the Internet with an incredible number of views.

Emma’s sensual and alluring presence sets hearts on fire, with her golden locks cascading down her flawless skin like a seductive waterfall. Her curves are tantalizing, measuring 34A-26-38, inviting you to explore every inch of her delectable body.

She has an insatiable hunger for public nudity and intense pleasure, and is a master of seduction. With a sizzling hot partner, Emma’s desires ignite, and her clothes disappear in an instant, leaving her curves on full display.

As she takes you on a journey of passion and ecstasy, her seductive aura envelops you, drawing you in like a moth to a flame. Her touch and kiss drive you closer to the brink of ecstasy, leaving you lost in a sea of moans and screams that crescendo into an explosive climax.

Emma is the ultimate seductress, navigating the world of endless temptation with ease. Her radiant beauty and captivating charm will leave you spellbound, and her sensual allure is impossible to resist. Surrender to her seductive prowess and let her take you on a journey of pure pleasure and unbridled passion.

How do you feel about our list? Post your thoughts here! Want anything featured? Tell us below!

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