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Top 20 Black Transexual Pornstars

Top 20 Black Transsexual Pornstars

Welcome to our compilation of the top 20 Black transgender pornstars who have garnered widespread recognition for their exceptional talent and captivating allure. These pornstars are set to make a significant impact on the adult entertainment industry with their impressive performances that will undoubtedly captivate audiences everywhere. Without further ado, let’s explore the world of these amazing stars. Here are the top 20 Black transgender pornstars.

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #20: ANA ANDREWS

Ana Andrews at Trans Angels
ANA ANDREWS at TransAngels

Starting off our list of top 20 black transsexual pornstars is Ana Andrews, Hailing from Orlando, she is a gorgeous trans pornstar who exudes a nerdy and kind persona, but beneath the sheets, she’s a wild pervert who loves riding a good cock. She possesses stunning curves and long, silky black hair and with three nominations at the TEA awards, Ana is a rising star worth watching. She enjoys exploring and showcasing her sexuality as an art form in front of the camera. Aside from her cock-sucking skills, this buxom beauty is also skilled in circus tricks like glass walking and fire breathing. Beyond her acting career, Ana has a diverse range of interests such as tabletop role-playing games, skating, writing, and spirit photography.

“Ana Andrews has came a long way since debuting on Femout in 2019 – and who better to be  featured at Xmas. She’s dressed in the outfit you bought her for Xmas, and she’s waiting on  the rug next to the tree to give you your Xmas gift. Your gift is going to start with her sucking  on your cock, licking your balls and then drawing her deep into her warm mouth, as she gives  you a pornstar blow job. She’s then going to offer her own candy cane and Xmas cookie up  for you to play with, suck and tongue. And when you are both ready, she’s going to sit on  your hard pole, and ride you like a sleigh – up and down, faster and faster until it really is a white Xmas. (BLACKTGIRLS: Happy Holidays From Ana Andrews, 2021)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #19: JEXXXICA BLAKE

Jexxxica Blake at Trans Angels

For our top 19, JEXXXICA BLAKE, who stands at an  impressive height of 5’11 and possesses a curvaceous body akin to that of a Barbie doll, with luscious dark hair. Born in Orlando, Florida, Jexxxica’s favorite activity is shopping, which sh considers her therapy, cardio, and passion all in one. She is the perfect sugar baby that you can dream of. If you ever see her wielding a credit card, it’s best to step aside and watch her masterful shopping skills at work. In her free time, this tall trans girl enjoys indulging in cupcakes from local bakeries and spending weekends fishing, all while expanding her collection of shoes and handbags.

“When the ever-horny Jexxxica Blake meets her roommate’s hot boyfriend, Dominic Pacifico,  it’s an instant crush. Dominic grabs Jexxxica’s tight ass as they meet and hug. Turned on, they  both masturbate in their respective rooms and fantasize about each other. Jexxxica plays  with herself in the laundry room while Dominic jerks himself off in bed, using one of his  girlfriend’s sock before closing his eyes. Jexxxica, passing by the room, notices the man  resting with the sock on his dick. Intrigued, she slowly lifts up the sock to sneak a peek of his  cock. What a shock when cum falls out onto her face! Dominic jumps and Jexxxica grabs him  by the cock to go fuck in the laundry room. When the cucked roommate walks in on them  fucking, they’re having so much fun that they ignore her and keep going like there’s no  tomorrow.  (Fucking the Hot Roomate, 2021).”

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #18: SELENE SANTOS

Selene Santos at Trans Angels
SELENE SANTOS at TransAngels

Selene Santos, from Dallas, Texas, is a stunning dark-haired individual with a great sense of taste when it comes to movies. Standing at a height of 5’5″ with lovely smooth skin, she is a sight to behold. Her favorite movies include Mean Girls and White Chicks, and if you’re fortunate enough to be invited over for a movie night at her apartment, prepare to hear her recite them word for word. In her free time, the talented and bisexual Selene enjoys singing, acting, and dancing to her favorite music while also contemplating the idea of butter being a carb and proclaiming that pink is the color to wear on Wednesdays.

“Competitive babes Jessy Dubai and Selene Santos are attending a casting call and tension is running high between these two. Selene pours her drink on Jessy’s skirt hoping to sabotage  her chances with casting agent Marilyn Johnson. Jessy, however, isn’t intimidated one bit and instead, goes into the audition with her ass sticking out of her black thong! The spicy duo have a dance-off, fighting for the opportunity to work for the blue-eyed blonde, but she isn’t impressed by their performance and suggests they use a prop – a dildo. Selene is shocked and Jessy is offended. She doesn’t need the help of a pink toy when she’s packing her own thick rod! Jessy rips off Selene’s pants and tongues her asshole, making sure Marilyn has the perfect view of this show and her skills. Marilyn loves what she sees and jumps in turning their hot twosome into a sexy threesome! (May The Best Slut Win, 2021)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #17: NATASSIA DREAMS

Natassia Dreams at Trans Angels

Natassia Dreams, an African-American model with breathtaking beauty, was born in San Diego, California. She made her debut in the adult entertainment industry in 2004 and quickly became a favorite among fans due to her impressive height of nearly 6 feet, smooth and velvety skin, and toned physique. Natassia is not just renowned in the adult entertainment world, but has also made a name for herself as a runway model, having walked in prominent fashion shows in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. Her stunning appearance has been recognized by the fashion industry. In addition, Natassia has been honored with the TEA Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the business.

“Stone cold stunner Natassia Dreams cannot be contained, and the big booty of this ebony beauty proves that in this stunning showcase scene. Natassia winds and grinds for the camera, teasing her perfect curves for your viewing pleasure as she struts and slinks around a sexy purple paradise. Kaleb Stryker slides in to give her the pounding she’s craving, drilling her tight hole with his big cock as she begs for more. Natassia sucks and strokes Kaleb until he’s ready to blow a huge milky load all over her gorgeous tits, just how she wants him to. (Caught Up in Natassia, 2021)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #16: JASMINE LOTUS

Jasmine Lotus at Trans Angels
JASMINE LOTUS at TransAngels

Jasmine Lotus is a stunning individual from Miami, Florida, who possesses a beautiful face and impressively huge tits. Her measurements are 34D-26-36, and she exudes both skill and attractiveness. Despite being a newcomer to the adult entertainment industry, Jasmine has already made a significant impact and is rapidly gaining popularity. She has earned an award in her field, and her future looks promising. In addition to her work, Jasmine is a beach enthusiast who loves to experiment with different hair colors. She is a free-spirited and hardworking individual who is currently pursuing a degree in physical therapy.

“Jasmine Lotus is a sexy college girl with the brains and beauty to pass any exam you could throw at her. When the Black babe gets tired of studying she knows the only way she can get her head back into her books is if she blows off a little steam by stroking her sweet cock. Jasmine rubs and caresses her stunning body, working herself up as she gets harder and harder. Her big sexy boobs bounce as she shakes with pleasure and anticipation. She playfully tosses her ponytail, teasing the camera with her tight hole until she can’t take it anymore and has to treat herself to a hardcore pounding. Jasmine works her ass with a big pink dildo that she rides up and down on her bed for your pleasure. Jasmine works her cock while she tickles her hole, locking eyes with the camera as her body spasms and shakes with an internal orgasm that you can feel all the way through the screen. (Bored Schoolgirl, 2020)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #15: ALEXA SCOUT

Alexa Scout at Trans Angels
ALEXA SCOUT at TransAngels

Although she may have a cute and innocent appearance, Alexa Scout is a fierce sex kitten with 36B measurements, making her the top 15 in the list. As a self-proclaimed pansexual princess, Alexa is comfortable in front of the camera and is adored by it in return. It was only natural for her and her “she-meat” to transition into the world of adult entertainment. Originally from Los Angeles, this busty bombshell is an avid collector of Barbie dolls and was a nominee for the Transsexual Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards in 2018. Alexa loves anal sex, but also enjoys getting her nails done and indulging in delicious Chinese food. She believes that there is no better way to work up an appetite than by getting her butt kicked.

“Kinky schoolgirl, Alexa Scout, studied so hard on her exam and she still got a bad grade, so she’s going to put her 18-year-old mouth to work on her nerdy professor’s hard dick! Alexa swallows him up to the balls, maintain eye contact as she gargles him in her mouth as she strokes her tgirl cock! This cute, little slut isn’t here to waste time, bending over, spreading her tight ass wide, to take a hard anal pounding right there in the classroom! When he’s done glazing her perky tits in a creamy load, her F turns into an A+! (Alexa Gets an A in Anal, 2018)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #14: MIRAN

Miran at Trans Angels
Miran at TransAngels

Precious Miran, a sexy Asian sensation, was born in Japan and currently resides in Tokyo, where she adores both the city and men. She has measurements of 32B-23-31 and began learning English after meeting tourists in her hometown and wanting to improve her seduction skills in the language. Miran spent a year studying in Canada to improve her language proficiency, but soon realized that beauty has no language barrier. She has made a name for herself in the American porn industry and has won the Transgender Erotica Award for Best Non-US Performer for two consecutive years. Miran is a true Japanese goddess in every aspect.

“If you can’t make it to the hospital don’t worry, Nurse Miran makes house calls. Today she’s visiting Gabriel D’Alessandro, who refuses to take his medicine. But that’s okay, because Nurse Miran has methods to make even the most stubborn patients follow her orders. She uses her flawless fake tits, round ass and picture-perfect penis to make sure Gabriel gets on the road to recovery. A nice, juicy cumshot helps the medicine go down! (Nurse Miran’s House Call, 2017)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #13: ANA FOXXX

Ana Foxxx at Trans Angels
ANA FOXXX at TransAngels

Ana Foxxx is a renowned runway model and adult film actress who has honed her skills in the adult entertainment industry. Her measurements are 34B-26-35, and she is famous for her dynamic sexuality, athletic build, and supermodel-like appearance. Ana is also known for her ability to please her partner and make them happy. She has come a long way in her career, from being a shy and inexperienced ingenue to becoming a porn princess who has received numerous accolades for her work. Her performances in countless films showcase her talents and her dedication to satisfying her partner’s desires. As a result of her commitment and passion, Ana has become a respected and well-known figure in the industry, admired by her peers.

“Beautiful trans queen Eva Maxim is excited to meet her boyfriend’s sister for the first time. When Eva is introduced to long-haired stunner Ana Foxxx, she is immediately turned on by Ana’s luscious, long legs and gorgeous face. Ana is equally mesmerized by Eva’s beautiful curves and huge, fake boobs. While Eva’s boyfriend is distracted, the horny babes seductively tease one another, then Eva kneels down and devours Ana’s trimmed, juicy pussy with her tongue. Ana returns the favor by giving Eva a sneaky blowjob behind the kitchen counter, then the kinky brunette slides a cucumber into Eva’s tight hole to loosen it up! Desiring more privacy, the pair slip away to the bathroom, where Ana worships the inked-up tgirl’s big tits and raunchily sucks on her beautiful she-cock. Wanting to be fucked, the dazzling beauty sticks out her nice, round ass so Eva can penetrate her doggystyle. After some sexy missionary, Ana climbs on top to ride Eva’s thick rod cowgirl-style on the bathroom floor as the two women passionately kiss. Ready to erupt, Eva strokes herself until she covers Ana in a sticky facial – just as Eva’s cuckolded boyfriend walks in! (Stealing The Horny Fiance. 2022)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #12: KIRA NOIR

KIRA NOIR at TransAngels

Kira Noir, born on July 16 in San Marino, California, is an exceptional beauty who has taken the porn industry by storm. Since her debut in 2015, this naturally gorgeous woman has captivated fans with her stunning face, natural huge breasts, and curvaceous booty. Her measurements are 34DD-28-36. She has already been nominated for several awards, including Best New Starlet at AVN in 2017. Kira is not limited to any particular genre of porn, as she enjoys a variety of them. This bisexual beauty has a strong attraction to women, which is why she excels at making her lesbian scenes steamy and sizzling, as well as shining as the star in her sensual anal performances.

“What’s better then a pajama party to reunite a couple of horny girls who just want to have fun? Lusty angel Daisy Taylor invites black beauty Kira Noir for a little get together with a few friends at her place. Her plan? Between a pillow fight and a cute dance off, she hopes to lure Kira into twisted and nasty mischief. The besties spin a bottle, striptease, start playing with sex toys. The other guests are startled by how perverted Daisy and Kira are. Miss Taylor just wants to be fucked in the ass by Kira. She finds a way to be alone with her. Kira puts on a strap-on and there she goes! Daisy’s hole’s pounded like never before. Later, they switch. Noir moans while riding Daisy in reverse Cowgirl, impressed by her friends’ topping skills. Even when the two other guests come back in the bedroom, insatiable Daisy keeps fooling around with her fuck mate. Barely hidden behind a room divider, Noir sucks Daisy’s hard cock. The sloppy blowjobs leads to a big cumshot. Now that Kira’s face is drenched in cum, she can join the rest of the squad and pretend that she’s wearing a face mask. (Bring Your Pajam’Ass, 2020)”

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #11: VICTORIA PRADO


Victoria Prado, a Spanish-born beauty standing at 5’9″, has made it to our top 11 list. She is a stunning brunette with an irresistible charm that draws attention wherever she goes, whether she is partying on yachts or indulging in her gangbang fetish. In her spare time, this brainy tgirl is a self-proclaimed bookworm, but when she’s not reading, she’s captivating people with her ample bosom, long legs, and massive she-cock. Victoria is a perfectionist who loves doggy style and always makes sure to satisfy her partner until the very end.

“Vitoria Prado and her best girl Bruno decide to take an unsanctioned smoke break in the lady of the house’s closet, admiring her fancy dresses as they scheme about how to take their boss down a peg. When Jessyca catches the two maids trying on her clothes she’s furious, but the maids quickly show her who’s boss by whipping out their hard cocks and inviting her to try serving for once. The three gorgeous girls have a major fuckfest, Jessyca taking big dick from both sides as the maids make a spit roast out of her until Vitoria and Bruno are ready to blow big creamy loads all over the would-be queen’s pretty face. (The Maid Needs A Maid, 2021)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #10: JESSICA HOST

JESSICA HOST at Shemale Yum

Jessica Host is a fast rising and sought after pornstar. She is a blonde beauty with brown eyes that captures everyone. She was the girl of the month for July 2003, she was featured multiple times across the Grooby sites and now has her own website. Thanks to a Shemale Yum shoot with Tony Vee in 2003, Jessica Host caught the attention of ladyboy lovers everywhere while she was barely legal. Her exotic black and Puerto Rican looks have brought her lots of attention, as has her versatility as a performer (she tops and bottoms on film just like she does in real life). With her performances in Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures, Transsexual Babysitters, America’s Next Top Tranny, and other high-profile series, Jessica has risen to the top in the world of shemale porn making her our top 10.

“Martin is in trouble. He’s fucking off at work and Jessica is giving him an earful. The only problem is he isn’t listening. He is imagining what it would be like to be tied up in her office and used for her pleasure. He is enjoying his blow job and sucking her cock. Everything is going exactly as he fantasized, until the scene escalates into ass fucking and he cannot handle it. Every time he pulls away, Jessica pushes into him making him scream. She fucks his ass as he struggles, the punishment clearly marked on his face. Jessica’s hard cock remains stiff through out the scene as Martin’s obvious discomfort turns her on. The sex in this update is incredibly hot as the bound Martin takes it very hard from an aggressive Jessica Host. (TS Seduction: Featuring Jessica Host And Martin, 2010)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #9: IVORY MAYHEM

IVORY MAYHEM at TransAngels

Buckle your seatbelts and let Ivory Mayhem take you on an exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure! Ivory Mayhem is a gorgeous American woman born in Pennsylvania. With her long blonde hair, rock hard figure, and hazel doe eyes, this tall, multi-talented trans girl stands out from the crowd. Bisexual Ivory, who enjoys fashion, beauty, and the arts, is happiest when she spends money on a shopping trip—that is, when she isn’t out looking for hard dicks, moist pussies, and tight buttholes to fuck! It should come as no surprise that the Pennsylvania native has found her way to the porn business, where she can combine her two favorite hobbies, sex and money.

“After years of studying at medical school, graduation day has finally arrived for Izzy Wilde who is posing alongside her BFF Ivory Mayhem for their valedictorian photoshoot. Tall tgirl Ivory is in awe of her friend’s charisma and confidence in front of the camera, especially when the gorgeous minx flashes photographer Dillon Diaz her incredible fake boobs! Retired pole dancer Izzy is proud of the fact that her big tits paid for her tuition, and she wants to immortalize them in her graduation photos. Turned on, the photographer moves closer for a better view of Izzy’s miraculous bosom. Stripping off her gown and wearing only her graduation cap, the insatiable blonde gets her small, pert ass eaten by sex-hungry Dillon. Once Izzy’s hole is nice and loose, the beefy hunk gives her a hard anal pounding in doggystyle and missionary as her friend Ivory watches on. Aroused by the naughty antics, long-haired Ivory decides it’s time to join in! Kneeling down, the raunchy graduates take turns swallowing up Dillon’s juicy cock in a sensational double blowjob. Ivory is now craving Izzy’s she-meat: clad in nothing but sexy, black stockings paired with a provocative garter belt, the slender beauty willingly bends over so Izzy can stretch her pink hole with her thick, tgirl dick. After nourishing their sexual appetites in a wild and racy threesome, Izzy and Dillon jerk off until Ivory’s exquisite face is covered in cum! (Graduated And Penetrated, 2022)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #8: RUBY MAXIM

Rubi Maxim at Trans Angels
RUBY MAXIM at TransAngels

At a towering height of 5’9″, Rubi Maxim exudes an irresistible allure as she effortlessly sways her tantalizing Cuban hips, leaving all who gaze upon her helplessly captivated. With every move, her tattoos peeking through her short dress and fiery red locks dancing with her curves, Rubi Maxim’s seductive aura commands attention. A true vision of sultry beauty, Rubi Maxim’s sizzling presence ignites like fire to gasoline at the sound of Daddy Yankee’s beats. When she’s not filming steamy adult films or indulging in delicious sushi with her girlfriends, this leggy goddess can be found unleashing her passion on the dance floor. Whether she’s tempting you with her hypnotic moves or setting the screen ablaze with her sensual performances, Rubi Maxim is a woman who knows how to turn up the heat and leave you wanting more.

“Ballerinas are competitive – that’s just the name of the game. So when the stunning head ballerina Rubi Maxim tells her dancers Jenna Noelle and Natalie Mars that she will be choosing which of the two girls will get the lead role, the competition intensifies dramatically. Jenna and Natalie will do anything to get the part, even if that means dancing dirty. (Dancing Dirty, 2021)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #7: CLOUDY VI

Cloudy Vi at Trans Angels
CLOUDY VI at TransAngels

Cloudy Vi‘s alluring popularity and captivating viewership have firmly cemented her in our coveted top seven. As an effortless beauty, she revels in the spotlight and commands attention effortlessly. Originating from the sultry streets of New Orleans, this statuesque, dark-haired vixen boasts an impressive repertoire of skills, including mellifluous singing, captivating piano playing, and spellbinding acting. When probed about her immense talent, Cloudy Vi humbly credits her love for the limelight. However, we know that her remarkable abilities and inherent grace are the real secrets behind her spellbinding performances.

“Sultry beauty Cloudy Vi teams up with the handsome Dante Colle for a passionate encounter. Drawn to Cloudy’s unbridled sexual desire, gorgeous features and tattooed body, Dante begins by teasingly licking the tgirl’s natural, pierced boobs and plants gentle kisses on her slender frame. The muscular hunk inches his way down to Cloudy’s delicious she-cock and pulls aside her lacy red lingerie so that he can take her throbbing erection fully in his mouth. Writhing with pleasure, Cloudy savors every moment and is soon yearning for Dante’s manhood. After devouring the dark-haired babe’s perfect ass, Dante fills her round booty with his huge dick, working Cloudy up to a sexual frenzy as she moans in euphoric delight. Once Dante has finished pleasuring Cloudy, he is ready to shoot a wet load all over her, leaving the satisfied tgirl happily drenched in his cum! (The Sweetest Rose, 2022)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #6: EVA PARADIS

EVA PARADIS at TransAngels

Eva Paradis, the stunning multilingual enchantress hailing from the City of Angels, is not only a master of her firm member but also a mistress of language. When she’s not seducing her legion of social media followers with her sizzling bikini shots, Eva can serenade you with sweet nothings in both English and Italian, leaving you yearning for more. As a trans goddess on a quest for the ultimate man, Eva has a tantalizing checklist.

She demands that her ideal mate have a chiseled physique, a heart of gold, and a massive bank account, always be eager to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh, and be passionately devoted to her.

“The stunning Eva Paradis is more then photogenic, and she knows it. She only needs an external eye to tell her how to pose for the camera. Today, she invited her hot buddy, Giovanni Casti, for a steamy photoshoot. As soon as Eva shows her perfect boobs, Giovanni can’t help but drop the camera and put his hands on Eva’s body. The two horny perverts soon forget about the photoshoot. They’d rather have a naughty fuck instead. (Pose For Me, 2021)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #5: GORGEOUS GIRL

Gorgeous Girl at Trans Angels
GORGEOUS GIRL at TransAngels

Indulge your senses in the breathtaking beauty of our fifth gem, the exquisite Gorgeous Girl. Her captivating allure is as remarkable as her name suggests, and with measurements of 34A-26-36 and a towering height of 5’7 ft, she’s the epitome of perfection. With her stunning brunette locks cascading down her shoulders, she’ll make your heart skip a beat and leave you breathless. Gorgeous Girl is a trans goddess hailing from the enchanting city of New Orleans. She is the embodiment of care and generosity, making her not only attractive but also a catch.

Her passion for life’s simple pleasures, like an intense make-out session or hot sex on the beach, is undeniable. Her skin is smooth as silk, her breasts all-natural and luscious, and her demeanor is nothing short of angelic. It’s worth noting that Gorgeous Girl isn’t one to demand extravagance to be happy, but if you’re feeling generous, she won’t hesitate to accept luxurious gifts like yachts or private jets. So why wait any longer? Treat yourself to the unforgettable experience of meeting this seductive enchantress today.

“Black beauty Gorgeous Girl knows the value of a little me time to break up her busy schedule. In her sexiest, skimpiest white lingerie, Gorgeous shows off her smooth and sexy body, twerking and teasing you as she touches herself. Soon she takes things to the bedroom where she shows off her tight booty and her big dick, fantasizing about all of the nasty things she wants to do to you that would really bring her self-care to the next level. She moans with ecstasy as she touches herself, playing with her tits while she spreads her legs and strokes her shaft. Gorgeous knows just how to love herself, pleasuring her body until she can’t take anymore and has to blow her load all over her toned tummy in a body-shaking orgasm that leaves her totally satisfied. (Me Time, 2020)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #4: BRITTNEY KADE

Brittney Kade at Trans Angels
BRITTNEY KADE at TransAngels

With her fiery personality and adventurous spirit, Brittney Kade is a sensual Sagittarius on a mission to leave her mark on the adult entertainment world. This sultry vixen from California oozes sex appeal with her smoldering emerald gaze, luscious lips tailor-made for mind- blowing blowjobs, and an irresistibly alluring physique that will leave you craving more. Don’t be fooled by her bimbo Barbie appearance – Brittney is a multi-talented artist, gifted with a powerful singing voice that’s poised to take the music industry by storm. While she determines to make her mark as a leader, she equally loves nothing more than to surrender control to her partners as a submissive cowgirl.

When she’s not indulging in steamy webcam sessions or tantalizing photoshoots, this seductive siren has a sweet tooth for all things delicious. And as for her anal prowess, well, let’s just say Brittney is more than eager to demonstrate her impressive talents to the world. With every breathy moan and tantalizing glance, she’s ready to seduce you into her world of erotic pleasure.

“Dante Colle is taking a leisurely stroll back from the gym when he encounters his girlfriend’s  sister – sizzling sex goddess Brittney Kade! The strapping hunk can’t help but admire bikini-  clad Brittney’s smokin’ hot body as she relaxes in the pool. Feeling horny, Dante dives into  the water where he swims over to the sexy blonde and greets her with a sensual kiss. After  worshipping Brittney’s huge, fake boobs, Dante swallows up her delectable she-cock in a  raunchy blowjob. Aroused, voracious Brittney reaches out for Dante’s throbbing erection and  wraps her luscious lips around it while gazing adoringly up at the well-hung stud. Once Dante  has finished fucking Brittney’s mouth, the busty babe bends over and moans with pleasure as  Dante teases her tight ass with his tongue, getting her ready for the hot and hardcore  pounding he’s about to give her. Soon, Dante is plowing the gorgeous bombshell by the pool  doggystyle, then Brittney shamelessly climbs on top to ride her lover’s big dick in cowgirl. The  passionate couple continue their debauchery, with Dante pummeling his long rod into  Brittney’s hungry hole in missionary as the petite tgirl strokes her shenis. Following an  intense and unforgettable anal drilling, Dante shoots a glorious creamy load directly into  Brittney’s open mouth! (Poolside Bang, 2022)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #3: JESSICA ARANTES

Jessyca Arantes at Trans Angels

To complete our top three, we have the enchanting Jessica Arantes – a breathtaking beauty with buxom thighs, a luscious derriere, and cascading curls. She stands as one of Spain’s most mesmerizing trans pornstars. Jessyca revels in carnal pleasures, relentlessly seeking out every opportunity to indulge in throbbing manhood. From her alluring tattoos to her seductive piercings, every inch of her oozes sex appeal – her perky breasts and tight, velvety- soft pussy being no exception!

Jessyca’s insatiable appetite for sex is only amplified in public places, where she thrives on the risk of getting caught, even on a night bus with strangers. Whether day or night, indoors or outdoors, Jessyca is ever-ready to quench her thirst for sexual gratification at a moment’s notice.

“Jessyca Arantes is a spoiled housewife who spends all of her time tormenting her overworked maids while he husband’s away. The busty beauty makes messes just to watch her two house-girls clean them up, wasting their time and wearing down their last nerve. Vitoria Prado and her best girl Bruno decide to take an unsanctioned smoke break in the lady of the house’s closet, admiring her fancy dresses as they scheme about how to take their boss down a peg. When Jessyca catches the two maids trying on her clothes she’s furious, but the maids quickly show her who’s boss by whipping out their hard cocks and inviting her to try serving for once. The three gorgeous girls have a major fuckfest, Jessyca taking big dick from both sides as the maids make a spit roast out of her until Vitoria and Bruno are ready to blow big creamy loads all over the would-be queen’s pretty face. (The Maid Needs A Maid, 2021)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #2: JOHANNA BARDIN

Johanna Bardin at Trans Angels

Johanna Bardin, a sultry young goddess with luscious dark locks and a fiery passion for adventure, had always dreamed of coming to America. With her alluring curves boasting an eye-popping 36C-28-38 and standing tall at 5’8ft, she exuded pure seduction at every turn.

Driven by an insatiable desire for thrills and excitement, Johanna saved up every penny she had and journeyed to the glittering cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York. There, she discovered the captivating Transsexual porn queen, Gia Darling, whose enchanting allure drew Johanna into a world of pleasure and decadence.

The glamour of the porn industry entranced the tattooed vixen, and she couldn’t resist Gia’s invitation to explore pleasure and push passion’s limits. Johanna found her true calling with plenty of voluptuous derrieres and colossal cocks she could dream of.

With her fierce dominance and irresistible charm, the stunning Johanna soon became the talk of the town. She captivates every eye that gazed upon her with her boundless sensuality and insatiable lust. She reveled in the endless pleasures of her new career in porn, finally finding her true home.

“Hairy hunk Ricky Larkin wakes up to the yummy smell of a lovely breakfast. Here comes blonde goddess Charlotte Sins, bringing her sweet melons to bed. Ricky sure loves those fine nipples, but a stunning milf walking in the hallway captures his attention. Charlotte’s mother, trans diva Johanna Bardin does everything to get a taste of Ricky. He obeys when she wields the whip, or her nice cock. As soon as Ricky gets on the sling, she gives him the leather. Ricky went from the mother to the daughter, banging the latter, getting fucked by the first. Hot Joanna has the upper hand, though, as she knows Ricky’s all about face fucking, foot play and raunchy BDSM. She’s deep under his skin when he cums all over his chest! (A Luncheon With Daughter, A Dungeon With Mother, 2020)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstar #1: LOLA MORENA

Lola Morena at Trans Angels
LOLA MORENA at TransAngels

Indulge me, dear, as I tantalize your senses with a description of Lola Morena, the enchantress who sets herself apart from the rest. This pansexual goddess hails from the enchanting city of San Francisco and exudes an irresistible aura that’s hard to resist. Imagine her basking in the sun, her flawless skin glistening as she savors the juicy sweetness of mangoes while being free from any clothes.

With a towering height of 5’8 ft, Lola Morena is a vision to behold. When she’s not busy wandering around San Francisco’s charming streets, she takes delight in initiating conversations with strangers, yearning to discover their deepest desires. Her dark locks add to her mysterious allure, leaving many spellbound by her charisma. However, Lola admits that she can be a handful at times, but who wouldn’t desire a taste of such a delectable and seductive treat?

“Lola Morena is hitchhiking on a dirt road when who should ride up wearing ass-less chaps on a motorcycle but Natalie Mars! The hot blonde asks the cute brunette a few questions and when she hears Lola needs to go the same way she is, she offers her a lift, if she’s okay with making a few stops along the way. The dark-haired hitchhiker agrees and straddles Natalie’s bike as they drive off into the sunset. Night has fallen so the two girls head to the beach where they start a fire and really get to know each other. Lola teases Natalie by bending over and sticking her perfect butt in her face. Natalie is turned on by the sexy stranger, but when Lola strips down to her G-string and she sees her cute asshole peeking out, this easy rider gets to work giving her a rim job and a fucking she’ll never forget. (Fast & Easy Riders, 2021)

Top Black Transsexual Pornstars on OnlyFans

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